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SEPTEMBER 16, 2019

The richest bowling league in the metro area this fall kicked off Monday, September 9, at Tenpins & More in Rio Rancho.  The "Innovative Auto Solutions Draft Classic", offering over $ 28,500 in prize-money, has attracted sixteen teams of three bowlers each.  Captains, based on last season's average book, include Karen Barcal, Billy Grant, Joey MacPhee, John Hayes Jr, Demost Quintana, Pete Sheridan, Dennis Helmick, Jeff Jones, Scott Romero, Gary Hadley, Bob Dillman, Eric Espinda, Paul Carper, Joe Merrick, Dave Templeton and Matt Smith.  Each had draft picks from a pool of thirty-two sign-ups. Interestingly, on paper, the team averages range between 563 and 581, insuring an even level of competition throughout the 34-week season.

 Other sponsors include Tenpins' Pro-Shop and Discount Tires.

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The recent Singles and Doubles annual championship series by NM Promotions Company, held at Tenpins & More resulted in many first-time winners.  The Open singles went to Melissa Danks, whose 263 beat DeeRonn Booker's stellar 221, while Rio Rancho bowler, Jeffrey Chavez beat Deric Salazar 254-215 in the second division final.   

In senior doubles, husband and wife duo, Bobby and Kathy Leitch won from Eleanor Parrent and Cathy Torbett, followed by Raquel and Ronald Smith in third.

In upper division action, Matthew Vargas and Chris Payne beat Andy Graham and Michael Green, with locals, Bobbie Vega and Dan Brenning third.  Albuquerque teams shared $1,000 in the lower division roll-off.

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Sat Sept 21: Shriners Mixed Doubles

Sun Sept 22: Doubles Marathon at 8.30 am

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Jason Schindwolf, a former Cibola Cougar bowling team stand-out, was the top qualifier in the July 27 New Mexico Open win-a-spot tournament at Tenpins & More.  He put together 225, 225, 183, 248, 259 and 227 for 1,367/6 to move ahead of fast starting Melissa Danks 278, 233, 247, 226, 215 and 156 for 1,355/6.

Third-seeded Christian Apolonio, who closed with 224 to run down Santiago Chavez by four pins, ran in to a nine strike game from Danks to lose 248-213 in the first elimination round.  Schindwolf, however, was unable to continue, succumbing to a thyroid condition which weakened him, so Danks won her way to this month's $ 64,500 final by default.

By the way, the prize-money increased to that new amount by $ 1,000 after a sponsor provided extra funds that was announced will be used to pay to the top two scorers in each of Friday August 16 qualifying rounds at 9 am and 2 pm.  Entries for the state's richest bowling tournament have surpassed last year's 171 with more expected before those opening rounds on August 16, while the three rounds on August 17 are full with wait lists.  The accompanying Pro-Am, during which league bowlers get to bowl with the pros, has set a new record entry with squads running Tuesday August 13 through Friday August 16 at various times.

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Fall leagues get underway at Tenpins & More over the next few weeks, with more than 700 expected to get involved in both traditional 34-week seasons as well as short-season loops.  Sign ups are taken in person at the Center at 1416 Deborah Road SE, by phone at 892-7117 or by clicking here.

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A $3,000 "shoot-out" has a number of Rio Rancho bowlers qualified for the finals on Labor Day Monday September 2.  These include Danks and Schindwolf, Carlos Fourzan, Billy Grant, Dana Miller-Mackie, Eleanor and Michael Parrent, Kathy and Bobby Leitch, Kym Bradley-Hanon, Marcus Sanders, Raquel and Ronald Smith, Robert Edwards, Paul Carper and Dan Brenning.

Last chance qualifiers are coming up next Sunday August 11 at Tenpins & More, Holiday Bowl on August 25 then Tenpins & More again on August 31 and September 1.

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