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may 13, 2019

Paul Carper made good use of his trip to Rio Rancho from Colorado Springs last Sunday by winning paid entry in to the 16th New Mexico Open in a qualifier at Tenpins & More.  Carper, who grew up in Rio Rancho and was an early stand-out for the Rams bowling squad, advanced to the top three play-off closing with a 279 game for 1,374/6, trailing Storm bowling head coach, Dennis Helmick 1,388 and leader, Mike Riley of Los Lunas 1,393.  Carper has spent this year building up core strength for muscles in upper body, legs and arms to help lift his league average to over 225.

In the first match against Helmick, Carper struck out in the tenth for 193, forcing Helmick to do likewise. However, a stubborn 10-pin remained standing for a losing 191.  Faced with the task of trying to beat Riley twice, Carper got off to an eight-strikes-in-a-row start to win a high scoring opener 267-247, with three 7-pin leaves costing Riley an early finish.

In the replay, Riley again left three 7-pins, two of them almost certain strikes and one of which he missed inside, to lose 217-228, with Carper's double in the 8th and 9th frames sealing the win.

Carper is planning to relocate back to Rio Rancho soon and will become a league and tournament "fixture" at Tenpins & More where he had his bowling career start as a tyke over twenty years ago.

* * *

This Sunday was Mother's Day and moms and grandmothers bowled free, alongside paying customers from 9 am until close at 10.30 pm at Tenpins & More.

"It's our tenth year for honoring the moms in our community with some free fun," said Center manager, Steve Mackie. "I remember how much my mom sacrificed for me to bowl my teenage years", said Mackie, who celebrated his 70th birthday next Saturday (May 18) earlier this week with a perfect game of 300 in last Monday's round of the "Senior Trios" league.

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May 18: Women's Doubles at 10 am

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May 2

The popular Pentathabowl tournament, with five different scoring formats, was a windfall for Marcus Sanders at Tenpins & More last weekend.  Sanders of Rio Rancho bowls league twice a week, all of the tournaments, fund-raisers and special events and has increased his average from 175 to 185 in the recent winter league season.  He bowled well each game, with 265 in the 8-pin no-tap, 228 in 3-6-9 and 253 in 9-pin no-tap, but excelled in the last two games with"real" scores of 235 and 223 that pushed him to first place ahead of Troi Donnachaidh 1,163 to 1,155 with Steve Gill a close third, four pins behind with 1,151.

Other prize-winners were Robert Edwards 1,114, Joe Radosevich 1,114, Dan Brenning 1,107, Austin Pierce 1,101 and Alvin Thon 1,099, followed by Kenneth Friedrich and Tiana Martinez.

Individual game winners were Donnachaidh, Tracy Fredrickson, Pierce, Gilbert Martinez and Mark Menard.

* * *

Summer leagues starting up this coming week (May 7-10) at Tenpins & More include Senior Swingers (Tuesday), Witness Protection Program (Tuesday), Jim Chapman Trios and Amfabsteel (Wednesday), Summer Trios, Some Jazzy Name and Coffee Wars (Thursday) and TGIF Doubles (Friday).

"We 're over 500 sign-ups already and many leagues don't start until early June", said Center manager, Steve Mackie. "I expect we might get to 530 or more, which will be our best summer in more than five years," said Mackie.

* * *

April 26

The annual Easter Sunday Doubles marathon at Tenpins & More in Rio Rancho was won by husband-and-wife team, Mike and Donielle Waite, with 13 points, after the pair won six matches and tied one in the eight game test.  That left five teams tied on 12 points playing off for second through sixth place, followed by last start winners, Carlos Fourzan and Rick Benard with 11 points in seventh then four more teams with ten points for eighth through eleventh positions.

Mike Waite averaged 193 with all but one game above his entering average to carry the win, while Donielle's closing 195 sealed the win against Fourzan/Benard.

Benard had third best average of 230.9 in the event to finish on a high note as he transfers for work to Fort Worth, Texas this week. 

In the roll-offs, Frances Vallo and Aaron Johnson shot 446 for second, ahead of Eleanor and Mike Parrent 424 in third, Nathaniel Duran and Wendy Shelton 407 in fourth with Christian Apolonio and Angel Ortega next with 390; all scores highest ever in a roll-off.  Shelton carded a 231.1 average after opening with 244, her first 300 and 245 for 789, a personal best. 

Closing out prize-winners were Gary Vigil Jr and Tyler Dassie with 387, four pins more than Gilbert Martinez and Anthony Rodriguez.

All told, eighteen bowlers averaged better than 200, none better than Charlie Bahr, whose 239 mark included games of 258, 269, 267 and 259 in a remarkable comeback following multiple surgeries over the past couple years.

* * *

A new series of tournaments and special events is being planned by Tenpins & More for June, July, August and early September, billed as the "2019 Summer Bowling Carnival".

"We are designing this to cater to our winter league bowlers who "take the summer off" from weekly league matches, as well as those who bowl year-round", said Center manager, Steve Mackie.

Full calendar of events will be public in the next two weeks, with the 11th annual ARCA Bowlathon on June 1 and the 16th New Mexico Open August 16-18 two of the featured events.

* * *

Summer leagues sign-ups at Tenpins & More are nearing the 500 mark with the first of 19 different leagues, the "Penny Pinchers" starting this Monday (4/29) at 8 pm. Interested bowlers can sign up at the Center or call 892-7117.  Click here to visit the Leagues page.

* * *

April 17

The first of five roll-offs to win paid entry to this summer's New Mexico Open tournament at Tenpins & More was won by Rio Rancho's J D Nance in spectacular fashion on April 14. Qualifying second behind leader, DeeRonn Booker, Nance had to win three matches to garner the prize. 

In the opener against number three, the Albuquerque barber, Chris Payne, Nance struck nine times for 255, whilst Payne suffered a pocket hit 7-9 split (that probably deserved a strike) to lose with 234.

Booker flew home with six strikes in a row for 239 after struggling early on the left lane but Nance's starting eight strikes in a row got him to 256 and a chance to beat the leader for the overall win.

The final was close through eight frames even though Booker, who runs the Pro-Shop at Bernalillo, left a pocket 7-10 split in the fourth frame.

Nance, however, was up to the task adding three more strikes to put the pressure on a similar finish needed by Booker. It wasn't to be as Nance qualified for the $64,000 tournament in August.

* * *

Summer league sign-ups are picking up, with one to start April 29 and all but one of the other eighteen different leagues scheduled to kick off during May.

* * *

More than one thousand children, aged 15 and under, are already enrolled for the sixth annual "Kids Bowl Free" promotion, which starts May 1 through August 31 at Tenpins & More, one of five Centers running the two free games each day activity in New Mexico.

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April 9

The Scratch Series tournament, held at Tenpins & More, resulted in some big scoring, with the winner, Rick Benard, averaging over 254 to claim the $ 750 prize, put up by Rio Rancho's bowling dentist, Wayne Luco. 

But first, in qualifying, Mike Riley of Los Lunas shot 249, 235, 279, 279, 259 and 268 for the second highest six game total in the Center's 35-year history, with 1,569. Riley's last four games averaged over 271, easily his personal best.

It took 1,362 to survive the cut from 45 bowlers to sixteen for the bracket elimination matches, contested over one game.

And there were some exciting clashes, including Riley 279 over Brian Bledsoe 244, Benard 275 beating Jason Schindwolf 237, Joe Merrick 269 from Carlos Fourzan 224, Matt Smith 265 over Guillermo Espinosa 224, Schindwolf beating Bledsoe 244-225, Benard from Bob Dillman in a nail-biter 265-258 and Merrick eliminating Gary Hadley 236-224.

It was round five of the loser's bracket though with Dillman 266 beating Merrick 235 and Smith 268 putting away Fourzan 245 that kept each bowler "on their toes".

In the semi-final, Smith bowled 266 to leave Dan Brenning 227 in third place, setting him up to face unbeaten leader, Benard for the title.

The championship match was a much more tense affair with each leaving unconverted splits, but a late three strikes in a row by Smith gave him a chance. He threw the ball a tad right of his mark and left a third split to lose 198-205.

Final positions:

  1. Rick Benard   Rio Rancho   5-0   254.4 average
  2. Matt Smith      Abq   5-2   236.1
  3. Dan Brenning   Abq   3-2   235.8
  4. Bob Dillman   Bernalillo   3-2   234.4
  5. Carlos Fourzan   Abq   3-2   239.2
  6. Joe Merrick   Corrales   3-2   240.2
  7. Gary Hadley   Santa Fe   2-2   227.5
  8. Ed Thorman   Colorado Springs   2-2   225.7

High game: Matt Smith 300

* * *

Summer leagues are in the sign-up stage at Tenpins & More, most starting within the next four weeks.

"We're expecting a strong summer season," said Center manager, Steve Mackie, adding he believes close to 500 bowlers will take part in the various daily offerings.

* * *

The league schedule can be viewed by clicking here.

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