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July 30, 2020



The 17th New Mexico Open tournament, originally scheduled at Tenpins & More in Rio Rancho for mid-August has been postponed due to the many uncertainties caused by the world-wide pandemic and various and differing state government responses to it. 

"We have a record 226 entries on July 29", said tournament organizer, Steve Mackie. "It was necessary to hold off because of many factors, not the least of which being that all but three New Mexico Centers, run by military bases, have been closed continuously since mid-March with no clear indication yet when they will be re-opened to the public," added Mackie.

 "It would be unfair to expect our New Mexico bowlers, who traditionally make up a third of the field, to compete with most having not thrown a ball in over 140 days. On top of this, the state still has a required 14-day quarantine for visitors - the other seventy percent of entrants - in addition to some other states recently initiating their own travel restrictions."

Major sponsors are on board again, including 900 Global and 3G, Miller Lite, Shamrock Foods and Principal Financial Group, along with more than two dozen other local and national companies as well including the Pitre Kia, Buick, GMC dealership located south of the Bowling Center.

Pitre is offering a new car for a 300 game during the top four step-ladder finals, streamed live by Craig Elliott's

A social media campaign, initiated in April, yielded up to 256 entries by the end of June, diminished now by the aforementioned reasons, but at 226 still a record. "By postponing and eventually finding a conducive date, we're aiming for 288 in six full squads, which would provide a record prize-fund of over $ 72,000," said Mackie.

The field includes many professional bowlers, sidelined from most of their normal activity this time of year, along with dozens of accomplished regional and local bowlers.

In no particular order, entries include Steve Smith, Danielle McEwan, Kris Koeltzow, Steve Kloempken, defending champion, Duane Mellinger, Rick and Deo Benard, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Francois Lavoie, Tommy Jones, Darren and Michael Tang, Packy Hanrahan, Mitch Hupe, Tannya Roumimper, DeeRonn Booker, Kyle Troup, Jakob Butturff, Josh Blanchard, Dan Brenning, Chris Barnes, J D Nance, Stu Williams, Andrew Anderson, Nathan Bohr, Maria Jose Rodriguez, Eric Espinda and Craig Nidiffer.

With uncertainty over providing a safe, unfettered bowling and spectator and staff experience, it might be a while before COVID-19 restrictions are all lifted. When they are and a firm date is set, the New Mexico Open will be "ready to roll".

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