As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts our communities, Tenpins & More is monitoring the situation closely and we want to reassure you that we are committed to a safe, enjoyable bowling experience for our customers and employees.

In addition to our standard daily cleaning practices, we are taking extra precautions with additional sanitation throughout the day. We have also directed our employees to clean commonly used surfaces frequently.

The World of Bowling in Your Home Town!

"Our aim is to provide a wholesome sports entertainment complex for families, friends and individuals under one roof. We feature competitive leagues and tournaments, fund-raising Bowl-a-thons and plenty of public bowling times. Our superior coaching produces champion bowlers of all ages, ensuring our future."

- Steve Mackie, Owner

address & phone:

1416 Deborah Road SE  505-892-7117

winter Hours:

Monday...12 noon- 10:30pm
Tuesday...12 noon - 11pm
Wednesday...12 noon- 11pm
Thursday...9am - 11pm
Friday...12 noon - 11pm
Saturday...9am - Midnight
Sunday...9am - 10:30pm

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"Have a GREAT night out. . .every Friday, Saturday & Sunday at Tenpins & more!

Friday: Eat here after 7pm; Karaoke in Sports Bar from 9pm;
Bowl "Friday Night (Glow) Lights" from 9-11pm (Low cost)

Saturday: Eat here after 5pm; Bowl Glow at 5:30, 8 or 10pm

Sunday: Eat here after 7pm; Bowl Sunday Super special from 8pm (2.5 hours only $11!)

WE TAKE PHONE RESERVATIONS! Call today! 892-7117

Make a Night of It!


Thur, 5-Sun, 8 - Winter 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament finals
Fri, 13-Sun, 15 - Beat-Your-Average Squads Daily
Fri, 20-Sun, 22-Sat 15 - NM High School State Championships 8:30am
Fri, 27-Sun, 22 - HAMMER Scratch Series at various times
Spring Break: Fri, March 27-Sun April 5
Sat, 28 - Refuge Church Social Group 11am
Sun, 2- -Color Pin Cash 9:30am

Summer Leagues - Sign up Soon!

DAYTIMETYPE# in Team# of GamesLEAGUE NAMESTART# of Weeks*Cost
MON4:00pmSrs 50+33Senior Trios4-May-2017$18.00
 6:30pmSr/Any24Sr Doubles (No Cap)11-May-2017$27.00
 8:00pmAdult/Any23Penny Pinchers20-Apr-2018$16.00
TUES12pmSrs 50+23Summer Swingers28-Apr-2017$13.00
 6:30pmAdult/Any23Have a Ball7-Apr-2017$18.00
WED4pmYouth2310 x 1025-Mar-2010$10.00
 6:20pmAdult/Any34Jim Chapman Trios13-May-2016$26.00
THU9:30amAdult/Any33Summer Trios30-Apr-2016$15.00
 5:05pmAdult/Any23Thursday Doubles28-May-2014$18.00
 6:40pmYouth/Adult23Some Jazzy Name7-May-2017$18.00
 6:45pmAdult/Any43Coffee Wars7-May-2017$18.00
SAT9:30amYouth2310 for 1023-May-2010$10.00
 11:00amAdult/Any2310 for 1023-May-2010$10.00
SUN6pmAdult/Any23Mixed Nuts17-May-2015$18.00
 6pmScratch14NMO Sport Shot3-May-2015$24.00
 6pmYouth14NMO Sport Shot3-May-2015$19.00


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There's more on our calendar:

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Fri, 3-Sun, 5 - Pentathabowl squads daily
Fri, 10 - Pentathabowl squad 3:30pm
Sat, 11, 9 - Bowling Camp with Dana, Billy, and Steve 1pm
Sun, 12 - Easter Sunday Doubles Marathon 5pm
Sun, 19 - Color Pin Cash 9:30am
Sat, 25 - Watermelon Mountain Ranch Bowlathon 1pm
Sun, 26 - Joni & Friends Bowlathon 1pm

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•  We're Smoke Free!!! Smoking is NOT permitted at any time inside the building per  NM State Law (June 2007); it is permitted in designated areas outside the Center.

•  Enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the bowling lanes and snack-bar areas!

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