Tenpins & More @ Rio Rancho
Welcome back to Bowling!  SAFE & SANITIZED

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Tenpins & More Center Information:


SATURDAY:    9am - 10pm
SUNDAY:        9am - 9pm
MONDAY:       3pm - 10pm
TUESDAY:      11:30am - 10pm
WEDNESDAY:  3pm - 10pm
THURSDAY:    9am - Noon & 4pm - 10pm
FRIDAY:         12:30 - 3:30pm & 5pm -10pm

Interested in Applying for a Job at Tenpins & More?

Click here for our application.  You can fill it out online, save and email it to us at bri4946@yahoo.com. Or print it out and fax it to us if you prefer.

how to reach us:

NEW PHONE NUMBER: (505) 891-4462

NEW FAX NUMBER: (505) 891-4498

here we are!

Regular Bowling Prices:

Prices are per game and include tax

Shoe Rental: Everyone - $3.00

Monday to Friday
  •Everyone until 6pm - $5.50
  •Everyone after 6pm - $6.00
  •Everyone all day - $6.00

Rent-A-Lane (Per Lane, Per Hour in one-hour pricing)
  •Weekdays until 6pm - $27
•Weeknights after 6pm - $30
  •Weekends/Holidays Day & Night - $30

Glow-In-The-Dark Sessions (all sessions include shoes)
  •Wednesday - 3:30pm (2 hours/Pop & Rock) - $10
  •Saturdays - 5:30 and 8pm (2 hours, Pop/Rock) - $13,

Private, Corporate, Company Parties, Church Groups, Youth Lock-ins, School Field Trips - contact Steve for pricing and catering arrangements.

Day Care/Special Ed/Special Olympics/School Field Trips:  (Weekday hours until 6pm)
  • 2 games including shoes - $8.00 (save $6.00)
  • 1 game including shoes - $6.25 (save $2.25)



  • KARAOKE - Friday from 9pm
  • ALL THE OTHER SPORTS YOU LOVE TO WATCH ON SATELLITE TV including NFL Ticket & Early Bar opening every Sunday during football season.

IT'S PARTY TIME!  We are Rio Rancho's Party Specialists!  Try our company picnics, Birthday Parties, holiday parties, family reunions, and New Year's parties here at Tenpins & More @ Rio Rancho. For more information regarding days, dates, times, prices, menus, and entertainment, call the center (892-7117).

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Tenpins & More @ Rio Rancho
Welcome back to Bowling!  SAFE & SANITIZED


* Bowlers should self-screen for symptoms before arriving; check temperature, feeling ill - stay home.
* Our employees will wear face masks provided by us and have their temperature taken each shift. If ill, sent home requiring doctor clearance to return to work.
* All patrons must wear face masks, per NM Health Order, while not bowling, eating or drinking.
* Please maintain social distancing - 6' between people; follow directional signage if present.
* Avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces to avoid transmission.
* League bowlers should use their personal equipment, sanitized by bowler after each set is over.
* If two teams (up to 4 people) per lane, only two from each team should be downstairs in the playing area; other bowlers should be upstairs at the counter top, apart by social distancing please.
* Spectators and other non-bowlers are limited in number due to 25% capacity restrictions. If allowed they must be seated at the back of the main concourse; Counter tops are reserved for active bowlers.
* Please - NO “High 5's” - elbow bumps are acceptable to celebrate.
* We’ll sanitize table tops, counter tops, ball racks and other used surfaces after each league pair is done bowling.
* CDC recommends washing your hands with soap & water thoroughly for at least 20 seconds after using the bathroom and after completing your games.
* Hand sanitizer available at counters when needed.
* Laminated food menus sanitized regularly.
* By visiting everyone voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and Tenpins & More disclaims all liability therefrom.


* All bowlers must wear masks while inside Tenpins & More. Exclusions while eating or drinking or, if necessary for medical reasons, while on the approach
* Practice social distancing - six feet apart from others
* Keep movement between lanes confined to your pair
* Be ready to bowl when it is your turn
* Only one bowler on the approach at a time
* Please - NO HIGH FIVES; Celebrate responsibly
* Observe one lane courtesy to the right and left of your lane
* Once you have bowled, step off the approach area to avoid distraction to bowlers on adjoining lanes
* Do not excessively loft the ball on to the lane
* Do not deliver the ball over the approach as that may affect slide area
* Do not cross the foul line for any reason
* Do not use foul language [including on T- Shirts], obscene gestures or abuse Bowling Center equipment
* Immediately notify the front desk if your pinsetter stops working, your ball doesn't return or there’s a spill to clean up

BOWLING - Please show us any coupons you have before we commence your transaction. You can bowl by the game or by the hour or by the session (for Glow Bowling). You pay before you bowl here so please tell us how many games/how many hours you want up front - there are savings the more games/longer you bowl. We have a no-refund policy but may offer a coupon good for unbowled games/time should you experience a problem beyond our control and there is no other lane available to which to move you.

HOURLY BOWLING WITH KIDS - It is recommended that you bowl by the game if you have children under the age of 11.

NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK - Please do not bring in food or drink purchased elsewhere. We have Food in the Fast Lane offering a range of goodies from breakfast to New Mexico favorites, and Perfect Shotz Sports Lounge to serve your noshing and beverage needs! There are also vending machines on the premises. Please consume food and drink carefully but NEVER in the downstairs bowling area. If there is a spill, tell us immediately and please DO NOT WALK IN IT.

LANE RESERVATIONS - We gladly take phone reservations (892-7117) for open bowling. Please be here at least 10 minutes prior to your reserved time. If you are running late, we will hold the lane 5 minutes longer, then we will give it to the next person in line.

ATM/CHECKS - We have an ATM located on the concourse behind lane 2 for your cash needs. We also accept credit card payment for bowling and parties at the front desk. We accept checks that display current address and phone number with corresponding ID. Check limit is the amount of purchase. Tenpins & More league bowlers may add up to $30 on the day of their league, tournament or open play visits. There is a $30 returned check fee.

BILLIARDS - Drop your money in and play!  No driver's license required.

LOCKERS - We rent them for one year from start date. Existing lockers renew each September. Rental is $25 or $15 for seniors. Key deposit $5. We accept NO responsibility for any equipment left in or stolen from lockers.

BALL REPAIRS - If your personal ball is damaged please take it to the Pro-Shop during open hours. We may repair it at no charge to you. Remember to let us know on which lane it was damaged.
no smoking at Tenpins & More

SMOKING - Tenpins & More is SMOKE-FREE! Smoking is NOT permitted at any time inside the building per NM State Law (June 2007); it is permitted in designated areas outside the Center.

NO FOOLING AROUND - We cater to more than 2,500 people on average every week of the year. Please do not goof off while bowling. If any part of our pin setting equipment is broken it costs you money, time and enjoyment. Please always treat the equipment and the Center with respect.

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