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Tenpins & More, ask a proredbarron writes:  I'm right-handed, throw a straight ball and always leave the ten pin. How can I change my approach to increase my chances of getting it, and more strikes?

Tenpins & More, pro answers
Steve says: Firstly, a straight ball has less pin action than a hook or curve ball, therefore you need to work on developing a hook delivery with an "AGGRESSIVE" new bowling ball, available at our Pro-Shop. You'll need coaching to achieve the desired result, that will also inform you as how to make subtle hand, foot placement and speed adjustments to help you get rid of most 10-pin leaves. Remember, however, it's not called ten-pin bowling for nothing. Grin!

Tenpins & More, ask a pro

Renee writes:  I enjoy recreational bowling and get pretty good scores.  Why would I want to join a league?

Tenpins & More, pro answers

Steve says: Thanks for your inquiry. Bowling is one of the few activities that can be enjoyed as both a recreation and a sport. You could do both - lots of people do, by joining a league, then bowling on the weekends or weeknights with family and friends.

Because bowling can be played all-year round and literally from the "cradle to the grave", it is one of the very rare games that can be played the whole of one's life. We have had regular bowlers as young as 3 through 99-year-old Ben Sanchez, who bowled two days a week, but didn't even bowl at all until he was in his mid-80's. Whatever you decide, decide this - enjoy the game every time you bowl.

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