Tenpins & More Presents: How to Get it Right!

Bowling at Tenpins & More in Rio RanchoWhether you are new to bowling, or a seasoned professional, these are things everyone should be doing, or NOT doing!

    • DO Push the ball out, then down as you take your first step
    • DO Face your target squarely each time
    • DO Follow through smoothly; this will give you greater accuracy
    • DO Work on making each spare. It is possible to bowl up to 190 with no strikes, but all spares
    • DON'T Rush the foul line; a brisk walk will keep your armswing in a smooth arc
    • DON'T Loft or bounce the ball onto the lane
    • DON'T Try to throw a speed ball; speed control is vital for higher and more consistent scores
    • DON'T Get discouraged with slow progress; bowling is a lifetime sport!
    • DO Ask for lessons and practice as often as you can

What is Proper Bowling Etiquette?
You will not find all of these in the rule book, but all league bowlers should observe these basic good manners:

    • Do not be tardy when it is your turn to bowl, BUT give way to the bowler on your RIGHT.
    • Stay off the other bowler's approach.
    • By all means get properly set, BUT don't take all day.
    • Control your temper and your language.
    • A smooth delivery please! Do Not loft the ball.
    • Do not use another player's ball, except with his/her permission.
    • Do not cross Foul Line - stay on your own side.
    • Let your opponent bowl in peace - don't needle him/her.
    • Body English is great, but NOT on the next lane.


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