New Mexico Open postponed

A Message from Steve Mackie:

Not even in a nightmare did I think we'd have to "give up" our traditional third weekend of August to a virus but here we are. We have decided to postpone - NOT CANCEL - our 17th annual event because of so many uncertainties caused by this pandemic and various and differing state government responses to it.

As many of our record 233 entrants are aware, all but three New Mexico Bowling Centers run by the military, have remained closed since March 18. Ours is one of a handful of industries in this state shuttered now over four months, without ever being given the chance to show how safely we can operate, under Covid-19 regulations, on behalf of our valued customers and employees. It would also be unfair to expect our NM bowlers, comprising over 30% of the field, to compete with most not having thrown a ball in over 130 days!

Some have told me of their own state's still-closed Centers (only six of fifty states are not open) and local travel bans. Here our government has a 14-day required quarantine in place. With 70% of the bowlers flying or driving here that is an impossible obstacle to overcome. (This has decimated the NM travel and hospitality sectors of our struggling economy).

Neither an opening date nor a culling back of the Q order were forthcoming from Santa Fe as at today.
To opine "we're all in this together" is simply not true. And to call our industry, prior to this, alive and well in America after 125 years of official existence, "non-essential" is a slap in the face to thousands of proprietors and tens of thousands hard-working, dedicated employees who know it has always been essential.

Sponsors are pretty much on board as always, for which we are grateful. Some couldn't help as they have lost their businesses or are in financial difficulty.

I initiated a social media entry recruitment campaign after Easter that yielded as many as 256 sign-ups by June, necessitating an added squad to Thursday August 13 and hopes for an unbelievable 288 entries and a prize-fund of more than $ 72,000 which would have made it the richest non-PBA tourney of the summer.

In any case, the NEW MEXICO OPEN will be held on a date to be determined by resolution of the factors listed above and availability on an already-packed tournament calendar in the coming months.
Please stay tuned.

- Steve



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