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Thanksgiving Eve Handicap Doubles Marathon


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 5:30pm (check in from 5pm)

Room for only 24 Teams.

Entries close when 24 teams of two enter with deposits or fully paid entry. Teams may be men, women or mixed. Format is "350 doubles", give and take handicaps, based on 90% of team combined averages from 350. Women receive an extra three (3) pins handicap per game. It is an all match-play format - 2 points per match win, 1 point each for ties - over 8 matches.
Prize-money $1,650 will be paid to top 8 teams on a full field of 24 teams:
First $400, Second $300, Third $240, Fourth $200, Fifth $150, Sixth $130, Seventh $120, Eighth $110
Fill out entry form at front desk with $20 deposit per team.  Entry is STILL only $55 per bowler.

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